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The privacy of your personal and non-personal information is afforded the highest level of importance by PowerPlay Game Studios.

Consent: By Accessing or using our Apps you are agree to Privacy Policy in which we will collect your personal and non-personal information. This Privacy Policy informs you of your choices and our practices regarding any information you provide to us. Your continued use of our products and services constitutes your acceptance to this Privacy Policy and any updates. If you don’t agree with any provisions in this policy, please stop using our products and services.

We may from time-to-time revise or add specific instructions, policies and terms to this Privacy Policy. These instructions, policies and terms from part of this Privacy Policy. Whenever we make any changes to this Privacy Policy that are important for you to know about, we will notify you email or other means before the changes become effective. If you have any question about this policy,


What We Collect Information from You are mainly Personal Information and Non-Personal Information

Personal Information

Your personal information is gathered only with your CONSENT and APPROVAL. Information is obtained only. When you ACCEPT the terms and privacy policy consent dialogue within the game. This type of information can reveal the identification of an individual user which can be sensitive in nature. After installing game/app or via web your IP address and Advertisement ID is automatically and only collected which is used to enhance user experience. No other personal information is collected automatically. Please note your credit card information is not stored or processed by us, if you are using our apps and purchasing virtual items only Google or Apple process your credit card information and all other information related to your credit card.

Non-Personal Information:

We may collect Non personal information which does not reveal any identification of a user. The Information consists of technical information, behavioral information, activity of the User on the Site/App/Game, type of operating system, language, etc.

Non-Personal Information collected by Third Parties may include the following technical information:

  1. Type of operation system (e.g., Android, iOS, etc.)
  2. Language (e.g., English)
  3. Device Vendor Name
  4. Geo-location: Only general location may be collected. No street name or city/town name is collected.
  5. Type of browser (e.g. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  6. Screen resolution
  7. IP Address, IMEI, Advertisement IDs etc.
  8. CPU Type, Storage, Firmware, Carrier etc